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m.h.x’s chronicles – conquest of the oceans كلمات اغاني


dark sky is running all the world
it’s raining tears from above
shadow is coming deep inside
of the ocean’s door

we can hear the battle h_rns
the shout of hope in the storm
the time has come for the fall
of the evil’s lies

divine wings of glory
fly over our hearts
i can see the morning
there is no more shame

it’s time to break the past

inside these blackened seas
our ghosts are living here
passed memoriеs of old time

we find the mighty to win
and k!ll this anciеnt beast
throw our sword against its head

the silent winds of grace
take s with your embrace
lead us through the path
in this crooked place
your light is shining bright

conquest of the oceans
the battle of the seas
throats shout begin

a voice will proclaim
to the eternity
infinite ocean

كلمات أغنية عشوائية

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع