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lutricia mcneal – 356 days كلمات اغاني


chorus :
where will i be 365 days from now
tell me
how will i feel 365 nights without you
oh what would i do?

i remember what you used to say
things won’t tumble down
now we’re here and finally it changed
when i’m standing on solid ground
i don’t understand
when did we go wrong?
and i can’t imagine

repeat chorus

and now it feels like we’re drifting apart
things are not what they used to be
now i know it’s written in your heart
you don’t wanna be a part of me
i don’t understand
what did i do wrong?
and i can’t imagine

repeat chorus

oh what would i do
tell me

i’ve been trying so hard
not to let it show
but deep within my feelings
they glow
before you leave me and let me go
something i need to know
repeat chorus
365 nights without you