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lza – #starmoney/underworld كلمات اغاني


shoutout my n_gga metal slug, bro
real starmoney sh_t, you is not what we on, yeah

got to get this money, b_tch, i can’t wait for no one
all these n_ggas think they al capone, they never sold nun’
i just took this n_gga b_tch and i had that ho’ cumming
ain’t no caps in my raps, i really did have these n_ggas running
every n_gga gangster till an uzi pointed at his face
i don’t f_ck with n_ggas, feeling like i am a other race
doing magic on your b_tch, i feel like i am david blaine
i don’t f_ck with n_ggas, ’cause all these n_ggas f_cking lame
i’m chasing all the money, why these n_ggas out here chasing fame?
n_ggas popular, but homeless, man, that sh_t a shame
i heard you took that b_tch back after n_ggas ran a train
and all these n_ggas broke as f_ck, and these n_ggas stalk my page
do the dash to the money, but my name ain’t f_cking dame
all these b_tches follow trends, i don’t want them, ’cause them b_tches lame
ed hardy and true religion, these n_ggas be sneaking dissing
n_ggas grown as f_ck and they be following little children
i don’t f_ck with white b_tches, they be acting like the victim
since the beginning of time, all them b_tches been the f_cking villain
once you f_ck that ho’, your black ass going to be in prison
trying to be a star and get this money, that’s my f_cking mission
n_ggas just be hating, they just see me as some competition
animosity, they be hating, n_ggas act like b_tches
i ain’t ever ask for help, had to get it out the mud
tell me what you need and i can get it, b_tch, i’m like the plug
i ain’t never meet these n_ggas, so i do not show them love
pretty model b_tch, i taught that ho’ how to f_cking jugg
sh_lls up in that n_gga back like he is a ninja turtle
you be chasing b_tches that don’t want you like you steve urkel
punch a n_gga in his jaw till his f_cking cheek purple
n_gga, i’m a f_cking beast, your ass is a f_cking gerbil
n_gga, i’m a little off, ’cause i ain’t ever verbal
b_tch, i’m always in the cut like i’m waiting for my curfew
pull up with your b_tch, looking clean, ysl perfume
turned up with my n_gga clipse till the sky turn purple
counting money, when i look up at this sh_t, i’m stargazing
b_tch, i love ben franklin, i could never be a racist
trying to get this money, rent a lambo for a d_mn vacation
i’m a star, i got cash, i see why these n_ggas hating
playing with your b_tch and i ain’t talking no atari
birthed all these n_ggas swag, put my ass on maury
this that real dark ass sh_t and i ain’t talking about no carti
pull up on me, tell that n_gga it’s an underworld party

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