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luvlxckdown & luisisalreadydead – waste كلمات اغاني


(let’s go, let’s go!)
why they hate on us?
why they always talk alot?
ion talk too much
but i let this choppa talk
i got big bands, big bands let it fall
caught a opp at a red light_
let him walk

i got two twin xds
call em bixby jicc jucc
sniffin citgo gas for a pickup
bad b_tch on me said she want a picture
she say she want cuddles_
i ain’t whitcha!
two shots to the head thats my game
lasers pointing you out! (yea thats my aim)
she say that she f_cking w/ me
dont think i can say the same
i’ll stay for one night, dont think that she’ll fw me again

no i can’t breathe like this
pour me up a 4
anotha deuce and i can’t fight it
like get out get out get out
out my mind yea
she say that she hate mе yea she hate mе cuz im like this

ion wanna talk no more
this a bloodbath _ bloodbath
bodies on the floor
need some big racks baby want som more?
mini xd, xd but it do not roar

yo b_tch want some d_ck, give what she need!
1 shot_ to his head yuh
we finna make him bleed yea
i got money on me, need a piece?
flashbang to his dome
he won’t see a thing yeah
never trust a hoe, that’s on the bible!
if he keep on talking, he’ll be dead on arrival
brothers pulling up, they stay on dial
say your last words man that’ll be ya final

like no no no
why the f_ck he keep on talking more
i don’t even like to talk no more
let the bodies hit the floor floor floor (i gotta stop saying that sh_t!!)

you’re so toxic you won’t own it up… wait_
i can’t really give no f_cks
she won’t stop calling oh my god
shut the f_ck up please for once!!!

brodie if you ain’t with the stealth, ion know you!!!!
big runtz all up in my pocket, make yo nose choo
if he keep on talking
imma show him what this 40 _
cause this a big choppa
ion even know what you thought it was

i don’t bleed i don’t bleed
brodie shut the f_ck up
all on me, all on me, you’ll get bodied by luis ha
all i need, all i need is a bad b_tch on me yeah
all i see, all i see, gang pulling up with three yeah
like a g6 like a g6
got me feeling so fly
yea u cannot beat this
got me feeling so high
cannot see the ceiling (oh im so fine)
this my life can’t see it
im f_cked up i mean it
i took the time so needed
they say “why so conceited?”
dont care bout nun of ur feelings!!