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​​luracks – ​​ball كلمات اغاني


[intro: luracks]
luracks, (a_team sh_t, n_gga) where you get all them racks from? (boy_)

[verse: luracks, thr33]
stand on guap, now i’m lookin’ tall
all my life, i just wanna ball
thr33 gon’ slide if he get my call (f_ck you, n_gga!)
chris jericho, i’m breakin’ through the walls
i look opps when in the mall
arp, if he tryna ball
(?), n_gga, 30 ball in drawls (straight like that, n_gga!)
flip this scat, now i look like paul
all these blues, finna call up saul
take his time if he tryna stall
all of this drip, i could do a hall
we call twin paint because he like to draw
i stay with sharks, so she give me jaws
and i’m d_mn near perfect, i’on got a flaw
arp, put him on his sh_t (that’s them! y’all wanna get shot at, n_gga?)
i’m jeff heath if they send a blitz
i get more buckеts than the knicks
12 came through the back, so i jumpеd the fence
in the trap, they don’t know how it gets
me in the pot, granny think its grits
i’on know n_ggas, why they all exist?
tryna slime me? better jumpin’ off a cliff
i feel like sxnta when she playin’ tricks
me and thr33 a marching band with all these sticks
a_team sh_t, no, we not a clique
wet that shot, and i’m 1st draft pick
i got wockeisha if i’m feelin’ sick
romeo miller, i’on f_ck with nick
all these dogs, boy, i’m michael vick
waka flocka when i got some bricks (pshh!)
[verse: thr33]

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