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luclover – xface كلمات اغاني


yeah, i just pulled up, lotta’ bands on the yacht like
do a hunnid some xans, i can’t talk like
let me see you put your hands on the top like
let me see you hit the dance
we gon’ hit em’ with the stompty stomp, the wompty womp
no we ain’t got all day long with all of y’all
lately i’ve been going on and on, i’m on and off

i could pick the lil’ switch up, the flip up
the label’s tryna’ rip us
i could see the blood fall down on it (down on it)
i could rip up and pick up and lift the whole wrist up
they can see the kid get a whole lot bigger
i got all these d_mn plans, how i talk sh_t
yeah my music too good, can’t stop this
[?] again tryna bot this