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luccas - perseids re:duality lyrics


[verse 1: luccas & shmovin]
i look in the mirror, and see the villain
maybe tonight, i’m thinking i’ll k!ll him
maybe i pop in with ritalin
see his drink open, and slip it in
call me doom guy, way i purify
hollows gon’ make him convulse and die
when i bury the hatchet, it’s in his spine
paralysis traveling through the vine
when i fly out, i’m flying latam
when i’m a jackass, i’m channeling bam
after i tap, i’m playing her jams
and after it’s that, she taking my pants
blat, blat, i put that on bro
tit for tat, like down to the toes
i got it back, ya boy on a roll
i can’t back, ‘cause i ain’t hope
i’m sippin’ rum, i’m sittin’ in jamaica
you can catch a fade, and not a f_ckin’ taper
you not getting money, you not getting paper
while i’m stacking bread, i’m feelin’ like a baker
i’m droppin’ bodies, call me undertaker
overnight, like oats, that’s why they call me quaker
i’m not f_ckin’ wit’ you
you gon’ meet your maker
and i’m rolling blunts, i got exotic flavors
two tabs, and the bathroom look funny
i don’t wanna talk if it ain’t about money
in the car, bass bump, this sh_t got me jumpin’
pull up to cvs, thinkin’ they front me
look at me wrong, and this sh_t could get ugly
glock wit’ a beam, and its nickname is trusty
i can not f_ck, ’cause yo p_ssy is musty
[bridge: ytftamashii]
i get lit, i do what i want
i don’t pop pills, but i smoke blunts
i sip drink, do it on occasion
run up the bag, do it on the daily
numbing the pain, ‘cause i can’t face it
been doing these drugs, ‘cause i can’t take it
copped a pound, and i’m geeked for the week
i’m in love with the smoke, i’m a fiend

[verse 2: luccas & shmovin]
i do everything for my team
and i do pull cards, i’m a fiend
like alucard, reppin’ a beam
i ain’t got no time for a bean
but i do got time for the bean
and i do got time for my b
that’s bloods, my baby, my b_tch
that’s anytime that it’s a mayday
i come in clutch, like your lady
gripping my d_ck, like i’m ray_j
i hit it first, and when i drop tapes
they all in the dirt
blood on my jeans and blood on my shirt
b_tches love me, they say i’m a flirt
yes, look at my face, i’m putting in work
put this brace to your face
i’m faded, i’m smoking this blunt to the face
smash your face with a swing of the mace
run for your life if you see me on chase
if i catch up to you, then your story’s erased
dispose of your body, i don’t leave a trace
dispose of your body, they don’t have a case
dispose of your body in a hidden place
if 12 pull up i do the dash, like the race and_
they gon’ start shooting, like perseids
money old, morgan freeman
i took my girl to shop at neiman’s
copped new pants, they european
you know i ride with a cacodemon
and we got weapons, like a legion
back of the chapel, i was a heathen
they might be right, i don’t got a reason

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