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louis hammock – arrogance كلمات اغاني


i’m looking like a barbara kruger
waving semi lugers
your style super, i’m a f-cking lex luther
loser boozer in a fj cruiser
surrounded by looters, groovers and shooters
i’m priceless, no diamonds no ices
weed is the finest,ii am your f-cking highness
k!ll sh-t with license, survive in a crisis
right and im righteous
sh-ts so timeless
mad laughter cos he remain villainous
innocence lost he became real mischievous
infamous lyricist
cleaned up the incident
inspect the beat one two with the vigilance
playing with daggers watching family matters
stay fancy as f-ck like i’m cheese and crackers
sh-ts like a trailer, but there ain’t no actors
raps is like maps telling me where the cash is!
where the cash at? where the -ss at?
matter fact where that b-tch go with my snapback?
clap clap thats the applause from the back
fly jetpack coming through air attack
running on the mc’s cos its just like that
and if i caused some offense f-ck taking it back
cos i am everything that you f-cking f-ggots lack
and now lock up the doors cos your under attack
i got a
supreme, dream team, purp lean
blonde teens, cream, charlie sheen, codeine
everywhere you never there i’m on the scene
kick back smoke that while i chase my dreams
man i make this sh-t sound so epic
terrify kids don’t need no dentist
get this your dealing with a lyrical chemist
whack mc’s can try but you will never get this!
strangest mc that you ever heard of
rhymes make a thick chick wanna take her skirt off
rip my shirt off, straight jumping in a crowd
and im ignorant as f-ck so f-ck turning it down
fancy clown hijacking unicycles
underground tunnels you can call me young michael
defy power like im spitting in a bible
when im done recording this sh-t, ill be my next idol