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lord sko – jumpshot كلمات اغاني


so, what i tell ’em, man?

ain’t scared of the rain, no lightning, thunder
if your sh_t was stupid hard, then i’m likely dumber
get you checked like nike runners over the sock
that soak the blood from my ankle that’s spilling out as i walk
traveling distances, heart unravel the dissonance
p_ss in a pot, used to be wishing a lot of richer sh_t
my soul is blessed with the wisdom of gods
trippin’ off wizard of oz, i’m feeling lifted beyond, uh
higher spirits swirl around, begin kissing my heart
with a spliff and a spark, still i never miss in the dark
all my b_tches look like nicki minaj or rosie pеrez
but the sh_t that know me bеst is a note and a pen
i’m grinding 24/8 widdit since kobe been dead
i’m motivated, ain’t no longer feeling cozy in bed
i got a photographic memory, don’t open the lens
your brodie ask too many questions, think he lowkey the feds
was lonely, depressed and down on my luck
i learned the lesson, when you up they still don’t give a f_ck
kept emotions so cold they could float in your cup
until they spill, to keep it real, i’m a disorderly drunk
important name in conversation, y’all is poorly discussed
so if you wanna come address me, put the lord in the front
this life a tall tale, surely ending shortly enough
you on your own except the moral of the story is trust
uh, i was fourteen smoking blunts in the cut
stuffing gas in dutch, tapping out from having enough
in the p_ssy staircase with a tab on my tongue
i keep the rabbit in my hat, they thought the magic was done
before there been a mandate, he kept a mask on his mug
i know some shooters wearing blue like they was having a son
them bullet showers leave ’em scouring, subtracting the blood
but i ain’t jacking sh_t, just rapping to the tap of a drum
tell ’em chasing dreams a passionate run
and i’m progressing forward until i collapse in the lung
i’m done with waiting for it
time is money and don’t waste mine, ’cause you can’t afford it
got labels asking ’bout my album and there ain’t a chorus
they know i been the rawest, jarring ’em, there ain’t a warning
they can’t ignore it, slay the taurus when i aim at targets
wake up to some blazing torches, smoke jamaican forest
ain’t no complaints, i said i’m straight ’cause that’s the way i want it