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little big town – the reason why كلمات اغاني


“the reason why”

i could love you
baby, if you want me to
i could go and fall for you
and never even try, hey, hey

i could let you in
baby, where n-body’s been
yeah, i’m ready and willing
to give this love a try, hey, hey

you’re the reason why
(baby you’re the only reason why)
don’t wanna say goodnight
(keep kissing me don’t wanna say goodnight)
yeah it feels so right
(everything is gonna be alright)
you’re the reason why, hey, hey
you’re the reason why, hey, hey

you’re in my head
like a song i can’t forget
wanna hear it over again
and again hey, hey

come on and take my hand
i’m ready and willing
over and over again