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lil cap – crazy كلمات اغاني


lil cap, yeah
you drive me crazy but i love it
yeah, yeah

[verse 1 – lil cap]
sipping on my top shelf i been going through withdrawals
hop inside my car and i’ll be on the road – i’m gone
got pulled over twice now and now i be down bad
hit up randy and he send me another grand
ooh, pull up to the bank, give 5k in advance
payslip going crazy, b_tch i feel like i’m the man
everybody wants me on their motherf_cking track (ooh)
lil cap – where he going? where he at?

you drive me crazy but i love it
yeah yeah

[verse 2 – lil cap]
tax too high for the gas, can’t fill it
me and johnny silverhand and the booth go (gorillas)
this lifestyle is bigger and the dream is getting realer
too broke for the sticks so i steal that i’m the realest

yeah i steal it
i’m the realest
and see my money over double digits
it feels like everyday i roll in millions
but the bank is closed so i cannot go get ‘em

i cannot believe that i’m still in this f_cking mud
kept on digging hoping that i’ll find my way up
sh_t just keeps on coming, i cannot believe this day
another ticket – that’s two grand that i gotta pay
[bridge – johnny silverhand]
i don’t even know what that means
(what it mean though)
no_one knows what it means but it’s provocative
no it’s not. it’s gross
(gross as f_ck)
it gets the people going
(gets the people going, yeah, gets the people going, yeah)
the doctors say i’m the illest ‘cause i’m suffering from (illest) realness (realness)
got my samurais in that city (light city)
and they going…gorillas

you drive me crazy, but i love it
yeah yeah
you drive me crazy, but i love it
yeah yeah