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lhugueny – minecraft: the musical كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
woke up this morning to a world made of cubes
ain’t got no shelter, got no food, it seems that i’m really screwed
but then i look in my hand, whoa what did i find? a trusty pickaxe, so i started to mine
coal and wood and stone and steel, collecting my resources
next on my list is a pile of sticks so i can make myself some torches
then i bust my ass to find a source of glass, recreate my favorite bong
so i can toke some herbs to inspire the next verse of this f_cked up minecraft song

[verse 2]
minecraft rules, shortay, blocks and tools, my crib is cool, all them haters drool
i got the munchies really bad, hungry for some pigs that are big and fat
build a house at night i will be set, post pictures of my pad on the internet
really quick, mine, mine some more, equip my crib with a dance floor
gonna holla at my friends, so we can party ’til the end
screw the real world i’ll be here in my world of minecraft
party at my crib, gettin’ crunk, cause we just don’t give a shat