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letto – i’ll find a way كلمات اغاني


and the time want by swift
when you have love in your hand
and the sun that i call his
hold me tight and show me how to see

� this p-ssion i show
yes i�m sure that you know
you cast your spell
on me darling
� you�re a shiver on my lips
you�re a tremble on my feet
you�re a rain on the share
the only thing i want to keep
when everything�s fallin down

so let the time goes day by day
with you in my mind
and in the end we will find love
that is our kind�a will find a way
to breathe this dream everyday

.. oh dear please come and dance with me
under the moonshine
baby it�s al right, it�s all right
it will be just fine
and i don�t have to say
that i adore you in everyday

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