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leslie bricusse – it takes all sorts كلمات اغاني


it took all kinds of dinosaurs to make up a world
just like it takes all kinds of people

[verse 1]
it takes all sorts to make a world
short and tall sorts, large and small sorts
to fill this pretty planet with love and laughter
to make it great to live in tomorrow and the day after

[verse 2]
it takes all types, without a doubt
dumb and wise types, every size types
to do all the things that need to be done
to make our life fun, find our place in the sun

and the brightest way, the rightest way, according to reports
is simply to take all sorts

[verse 3]
it takes all sorts to make our day
smart and slow sorts, high and low sorts
to make the world wе live in a place worth being
to try and makе our future a future really worth seeing
[verse 4]
we need all types to make our way
tried and true types, me and you types
to create a world that’s truly worthwhile
that knows how to smile, how to do things in style

so the surest and securest way which everyone supports
is simply to take all sorts

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