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lavendiah – bratty كلمات اغاني


i’m a narcissistic b_tch
i wear satin on my hips
yeah my heels always be cl!ckin’
so the boys they blow me kisses
i go cl!ck clack cl!ck
snap a pic and post that sh_t
drop my bag, that does the trick
tiny skirts, i do be thick
i got that rich girl aesthetic
pretty face and caramel highlights
my waist is always sn_tched
and my gloss is always poppin’
i don’t wanna be so mean
but mess with me baby you’ll see
i’m a sweetie but i’ll never let anyone take my lead

b r a tt y
they call me
b r a tt y
b r a tt y
they call me
b r a tt y
(verse 2)
i’m a bossy little b_tch
everybody calls me miss
cuz, i know just what i’m worth
and i don’t ever f_ckin doubt it
yeah, my standards up too high
that i make every boy cry
i learned the art of breaking hearts
now i tell pretty lies
the peasants say they hate me
that’s precious because they made me
i didn’t get this bratty overnight
they f_ckin’ changed me
but forgive and forget because that earned me respect
and now my body do be curvy like the the hills of san francini

b r a tt y
they call me
b r a tt y
b r a tt y
they call me
b r a tt y

my life is pretty
so pretty
so f_ckin pretty
cuz i get whatever i want
i be so bratty
yeah, i’ve got this world on my fingertips
don’t try my
cuz i be so bratty
so bratty
so f_ckin bratty
b r a tt y

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