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lavalu – ballerina كلمات اغاني


the ballerina is waiting for the evening to fall
her footsteps are longing, when the night just gives a call
she isn’t moving; she slipped down the streets
the light of the lantern gives the only white heat
the breaking of glass gives the movement to meet
her pale face surrounded, with dark hair that’s waving
eyes pouring the sadness
glaring into the dark of nowhere

the ballerina was dancing, before thе mirror of time
after domestic picturеs, her face got some lines
the places she knew, the graces she grew
where’s the demon inside she never knew
where’s the light of the place where the elves met a few?
come all my friends, it’s the horizon to reach
the oceans of darkness, the sand on the beach
her dark eyes are staring where the light is to go
oh ballerina, you tiptoed down the street
dancing, singing, but you know there is no one you can meet
oh ballerina, when you are moving into the sky
you’ve left all the sorrows and life’s reason to die
there is no place to go nothing to live
is there someone to share with someone to give?
oh ballerina, you are an angel, below
from holy horizons which way she has flown

the ballerina is flying, ‘cause the stage is nowhere
and will o’ the wisp is the candle, that glitters in her hair
her royal performance, with the queen on her side
what’s the ultimate object of her dancing tonight?
her ballet is the origin the source of the light
the wind blows the feathers, the fairies the tales
her eyes see the outside
drowning in the ocean between the dolphins and the whales