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laufey – night poem كلمات اغاني


drank coffee late in the day
now i pay the price as i lay here awake
tossing and turning, my mind you stew
the nightfall casts a spell on my mind and my body too

your skin seems so distant now
i can hardly believe that i still breathe, your touch, your scent, your sound
i could write a novel of how you made me feel l_stful
the sad thing is you probably don’t think of me at all

i have the most wild imagination
an entire universe exists inside my head
i can dream of a million situations
a world in which the oceans aren’t blue
but the one thing i can’t dream of
is a universe without you

ba_da_da da_da_da_da
ba_da ba_da da_da_da da_da

i can still taste your favorite wine
i’ll lay here for eternity in the pain of my own design
don’t know if i’ll ever love someone the same
or if i was a first time kind of carried away
i’m so impatient, i say this with no shame
i’m not good at waiting, and love is a waiting game

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