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​kynlary – ​sorry lets flip pandora كلمات اغاني


let’s go away, i wanna see yo face
d_mn she bad, why?
i got a glock .45
she don’t wanna live her life
she don’t (?) when i cry
her diary of life, her diary of life
pandora, go buy it
d_mn she still crying
amg, we flying
givenchy, she buying
break my heart, i’m crying
living her life, (?)
she wanna cry? it’s a diet
losing my breath, it’s a diet
praying for her, i’m going
praying for her, i’m done
f_ck the rest
.19, came with a holster
(?) yo hoe, (?) won’t blow (?)
shop pandora, okay
burn my diary, why you bother me?
i’m crying now, you see?
amg, big coupe
send him a message, (?) i got the flu
she do her thing, (?)
(?), mary janе
k!lling my self, kurt cobain
living her life, yеah, insane
she don’t even know it, no
i’m in inna cabin, it’s cold
smoking this gas, come blow up
she don’t love me, (?)

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