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kuhtona – personal, to love كلمات اغاني


i’m more of a poetry art b_tch
he the type to life fast die quick
that get money b_tches cars life sh_t
but i don’t know i just thought he was cool
to f_ck with
his and her’s, and nothing but a word
i never expected much
so i just pushed him to the curve
then i’d end up texting first
and he won’t text me til the first
like a lady tryna find her keys
without her f_ckin’ purse, it hurts
i don’t say sh_t, conversations delayed
i’m not your sugar mommy boy
i ain’t finna pay sh_t
i say that when we play n sh_t
and then we started playing sh_t
he said “these the songs you listen to?”
“cause i listen to gang sh_t”

that ain’t what he said
but he’s a book
that’s what i read
conversations went from youngboy
to something about his ex
yeah she did him dirty
wonder why she made ’em stressed
i ain’t question much
but i just went home and felt distressed
we don’t talk, barely kiss, and never call
i could just go brush it off and find a guy
that’s twice as tall
probably go b_tter up them all
but it wouldn’t feel the same
i guess you could say i’m feeling lost

i apologize if i get too personal
i’m a little day with the words of a n_gga
i get it bro, go find yourself a basic hoe
and treat her good but if you’ll ever need me
i’ll still be waiting though