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kri$h – the heist كلمات اغاني


they worried they don’t want you to know

[ verse 1 : kri$h ]

young n_gga popping made it out my cubicle
sheer threat they worried they don’t want you to know
all this sh_t funny cause i ain’t even fully grown
i’m glad that the few that love me put me in the totem pole
the bandwagon got my n_ggas and we overload
when we link up its over you know we stole the show
i’m a legend, and a few like me ; i told you so
you go throughout he catalogue a pure pot of gold
n_gga’s is missing all that hype is no way to be seen
i see we ain’t built the same, cause this side i go to extreme
all those tweeter fingers is weak it don’t make you bigger
all that hype comes from the extra clout you n_ggas is chasing
got my head above the clouds so i don’t see the point
i’m way ahead of n_ggas, now i don’t see no one behind
moving like i caught a body with the 5o tryna find me
i’m always working with this music piling
[verse 2 : ex global ]
as for you man peace, don’t try cause you might cause a scene
and i’ will always stay exclusive how i’m never seen
i’m ducking birds and getting coins like this is how we scheme
so when they see me at this point they act like its a dream
fun fact, i’m from the surbs ; if you think i’m mean
so i don’t even care about you or your little team
how much money can you lend me is what i’m tryna hear
you must be joking, i won’t pay for all this coming years
i just needed time for all these times they tried to count me out
sign me out
all these strippers phonny they were here for clout
you could try to play me
you gon’ pay me when my goons are out

[verse 3 : imp tha don]
its tha don!!
i packed my bags momma i gotta go
all these n_ggas h_lla whack they ain’t got the flows
marijuana, making sure i roll
they singing song that a n_gga wrote
2nd quarter get it busy going crazy with it
boy i all smack silly they ain’t f_cking with me
couple bands every couple shows
me and the money too attached thats couple goals
when it comes to paper don’t be getting it
i belong in the scr_ppers in the biggest cities
i’m talking dubai, a miss fly, it’s to pilots
balaclava overheads you riding?
they tryna play me but they bench warming
all this stress on your head and i ain’t dropped nothing
i’m in area 51 and i’m still zoning
and i always bring an axe if me and kri$h onnit
[ refrain imp tha don ]
man shut don when they heard me’
your time is running out boy you heard me
i’m a poet but your words cannot hurt me
when i pullup with the gang is a burglary