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koujas – ​dnd كلمات اغاني


hey (yeah, yeah now you rockin’ wit’ rada)

stop replyin’, phone on dnd
i’m like “what the f_ck you see in me?”
we gon’ spin on his block like cd
he so mad that his lil’ ho picked me
hop in a maybach, threw away the red key
somewhere in philly clutchin’ on my g
slide through teasin’, she keep temptin’ me
i said “baby, don’t trust me”
i don’t wanna waste yo’ time
i think that i’m fallin’ for you
i know that you hate it when i lie
i told you part of the truth
his lil’ ho said i’m the truth
she give brain like she in school
he wanna hang, go get a noose
walk down clutchin’ on my tool, tool
slide through make a move
she wanna get it too
and i might die you know
dee caught him a hat, no ballcap
yeah, that’s why my twin live
i hate when you lie
she gon’ slide right by
you know i’m rockin’ wit’ rada
balenciaga on my collar
she gon’ f_ck for the dollar
pop my sh_t wit’ my partners
me and dee made some plays by the wawa
laugh at the haters like, d_mn b_tch, aha
pull out the stick, make that boy go tada
yellow wit’ a blue pill, my sh_t tiedye
how many racks he got, like nada
i ain’t felt this way since i f_cked wit’ v
twin stay on ten, don’t fold now
dirty glock wit’ no box came out the streets
this that street sweep
b_tch i’m off rx, so my stomach hurtin’
withdrawals got me tossin’ and turnin’
take a l, lesson i’m learnin’
told the b_tch “pipe down, i’ll be at the spot right now”
i got in my bag, i’m up in that zone
margiela candle, we spark this b_tch up
she likin’ my fragrance, i smell like margiela
i walk in the bank and i’m knowin’ the teller
i’m doin’ her wrong, i don’t know how to tell her
i’m blowin’ on gas, i know you can smell it
i’m way too geeked, that’s why i’m not present
i’m wrappin’ the wood like a present
clip longer than a elephant
slide on this b_tch, no kizz
they take my wave, my kids
stop replyin’, phone on dnd
i’m like “what the f_ck you see in me?”
i want you but it’s fish in the sea
windows, they tinted so you can’t see
(yeah now you rockin’ wit’ rada, elegant music)

(adar ‘tiw ‘nikcor uoy won haey)

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