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kodachi – forever كلمات اغاني


yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

strolling with your b_tch and i take her to the moonlight
f_cking on your ho’, wrist shining like the blue skies
blood on my shirt when she trying to take a f_cking bite
walk around the city, b_tch, i’m only creeping at the night
yeah, she don’t know that she f_cking with a ghost
these rubies on my belt and it’s redder than a rose
and she knows that i don’t give a f_ck about these hoes
if you not f_cking with me, i’ma hang you on a rope
i don’t give a f_ck about you n_ggas talking sh_t
try to f_ck with me, i’ma make you do a f_cking flip
try to f_ck with me, i’ma make your blood drip
try to f_ck with sadbru_uh, i’ma pull up with two f_cking sticks
n_ggas on my d_ck, man, this rap sh_t not permanent
got a shiny belt and that sh_t look like mermaid man’s
ric$terrrr is a ho’ and he act like a g_y fan
she ain’t gon’ f_ck the team, so i put her in a chokeslam

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