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kill hannah – why i have my grandma’s sad eyes كلمات اغاني


“why i have my grandma’s sad eyes”

it started like this,
i was here right, standing leaning back,
my deer in the headlights,
look never fails but hearing all the things that you said,
cut me to the core, blew me away,
like i got hit with a gunshot, like a bomb dropped,
stabbed with a white hot knife in the heart,
while all these people still ask me why i have my grandma’s sad eyes.

now you know why cause this time,
i didn’t see it coming,
couldn’t stop the running words out your mouth,
they’re leaving me crushed,
sound louder than bombs h-t harder than mack trucks,
on highways knock me down now,
like the chump with the black eye hit with the uppercut,
it tastes like blood and a case of ice cold pure devastation,
i may never stand up again,

i will never go out again, again,
oh f-ck if this is the end, then i just want revenge,
i just want to take you down with me,
i’ve been so mad and furious love must be just for idiots,
i’m shutting down, breaking down getting out of this sh-t hole ghost town,
cause all these people still ask me why i have my grandma’s sad eyes,
i must have my grandma’s sad eyes,

time’s past, just like a gasp from some tiny cell inside,
that won’t die sending out a quiet ping like a submarine,
a lost transmission from a distant galaxy,
so reach way down in the dark to the bottom of my rotten heart,
to a place deep in my black lung for the song,
i haven’t sung since i was a little brat from connecticut,
when i felt so alone against the world picked always last,
it saved me then will it save me now,
it goes, universe, wrap your arms around me.
make me strong so i can take on anyone
i must have my grandma’s sad eyes,
now you know why.
now you know