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kidcrusher – haunted by negativity كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
everyday that i wake, i’m trapped inside my mind
feeling all sorts of emotions and bleeding outside my kind
i’m that outcast, spread the rumours even if they’re not true
they’re not true, but you do what you do

you talk sh-t, you f-ck up, you keep screaming up at my lot
i keep sleeping at the cemetery cus its very quiet
i can’t hear all your sh-t any more when i’m sleeping with the dead

this quick sand keeps dragging me down
and filling all my thoughts with hate and negativity
i try to live by the secret and think positivity
but i keep f-cking up or your just f-cking me up
i dunno if i wanna keep on going on any more
waking up, f-cking up, waking up, f-cking up
there’s a demon on my back in my brain
trying to drive me train, right over the track

i’m just being f-cked with, psycho, psycho
i’m just being f-cked with, psycho, psycho

[verse 2]
ugh, where the f-ck am i… what the f-ck is going on
snap, right after the pills, i wake up in a f-cking straight jacket

“i’m sorry mr crusher, but this life you can not hack it
so if you can’t fight the public, hmm, yeah your f-cked up
so if you want some help” what “this is how we gonna help
tell you that your crazy and just lock you up and say good bye
you ain’t coming back any time soon until those voices in your head stop screaming that your” crazy

i know, i should be, i can be, one of them, but i don’t wanna be, no!
one everyone of them, think i wanna k!ll all them, nah i don’t i’m playing b-tch
shut up, get the f-ck out of my head, get the f-ck out of my life and quit f-cking with me
and start f-cking with your self, get out of my business, i’m not crazy, i’m just being f-cked with

i’m just being f-cked with, psycho, psycho
i’m just being f-cked with, psycho, psycho