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kid lundi – making money freestyle [leaked] كلمات اغاني



[verse 1]
making money off this beat
we gonna move
don’t stop or i’ll pull out the ruger
lit n_gga wet like a tiger
making these bands off cashapp
if you rich then where’s cash at
making this grill, uh
popping a pill
tryin to get something real
just black matte, heal

making cash, ooh
making cash, wow
making cash, ooh
making cash, wow

[verse 2]
sliding in a h_llcat this is not a wraith
get back in the box or i’ll put you back in place
you is fool yeah just a disgrace
spray it like some mace
ooh, yeah, bands, what, hey, ooh, what
[verse 3]
making cash with the bag no hippo

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