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kesha rose – that boy i used to love… كلمات اغاني


ooooo ooooo ohhh yea once i woke i was in the bed with the one i loved. yeah but then he told me that fell out of love. oooo oooo ohhh mmm i knew that boy is a liar, from begging he knew what was up, i… gotten up from the chair i knew you i loved you oooo so all you did was fake all you did was not full of love, i wanted you to be in my arms but you let go. if i was there…. if i just lied here would you ever come back to me and, what im wrong what if changed alot what if i can give the love you always wanted, if cried here, if i just layed here would you ever give the one thing. i took once a lovely man who wanted me the most . just take my hand hold it as long, we be together mostly forever i could just kiss you as i hear wedding bells. life just goes on and on and on, take one step to my life as long we are. together mostly forever i could see your smile, once i die. or once we die we will be together forever i loved you, you loved me too, but i gues this won’t work like i thought so have a good.. life i guess, times pass by