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ken rebel – contradict كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: relly]
no 40s on the ground cuz none of my n-ggahs died
bunch of girls that are high and all of them b-tches bi
and if ya mind is the road then crazy them hoes will drive
got this one chick , she hood , instead of baby she say five
and a spanish hip chick she be like ayyaya
[ .. hm thank you ]
i had this conversation with my make believe cousin he gone make his own sh-t
to cheaper by the dozen
n-ggah been f-ckin’ before diddy started puffin
he was still f-ckin’ before bow wow started cussin
he used to love his vans now he love his mini van
poor skinny cousin while his baby’s fat like biggie’s hand
more money more problems
more money more condoms
these dookey hoes
pokey sl-ts that shop at uniclothe can suck a nut
i give almost everything but f-cks and up
uh nah this sh-t is lovely
where’s the hook ho ?


[verse 2: rebel]
how you gon’ think negative in a positive mind frame ?
paint that perfect picture while we sipping on that sizzurp
as we cuddle in this blizzard
makin’ magic like a wizard
[ ]
girl you everything a n-ggah need
multiply that physical
gettin’ sentimental as we f-ckin’ in this living room
one girl for me
is all a n-ggah need
cuz when you got mad hoes
different b-tches same show
different drama same [ ]
man that sh-t bad for your chranium
but i got that uranium
keep me like some t-tanium
and i ain’t down for plain’ em
cotton-pickin’, slavin’ ’em
even if they deviate
[ ]
[ .. for the future ]
devils in that p-ssy
it won’t just go rebuke ya
and i just talked to [ ] times by the monogamy
h0m-phobic flow , ain’t a n-ggah top of me