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keith urban – shut out the lights كلمات اغاني


“shut out the lights”

let’s get into the point, when we are not listening anymore!
just walking round in circles and wearing holes out in the floor
i’m tired; i know you’re tired and it’s late,
and it’s almost four.
what are you trying to achieve?
what are you trying to win?
i said the same thing three hours ago,
and now i’m saying it again.
and i know you well enough to know,
neither one of us is giving in!

baby, i love you i’m not going to bed angry,
baby, i need you and i want you to be happy,
we’ve been going around in circles with no end insight
maybe we should just…
shut out the lights,
and wait till the morning
shut out the lights,
wait ’til the morning

it’s amazing all the awkward moments
we still carry around,
we wait to bring it all up when it all comes down.
the light is coming right now!


cause i don’t wanna lose you,
and i don’t wanna hurt you,
i don’t wanna feel these
times that i’m gonna make you say
things you don’t mean in the heat of the moment.
in the heat of the moment.


(just give it some time
just a little bit of time,
it’s gonna be alright
in the morning light
cause i need you)