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katy mcallister – amazing for a minute كلمات اغاني


amazing for a minute

[verse 1]
maybe it was your fault
i’d like someone to blame
i hope you know because of you
i’ll never let anyone in
i lost my direction
everytime you’d disappear
but this time it is me
who’s gonna keep you far from near
honestly i’d open up
if only i knew how
trust me it’s not easy once
you have been made out, to be

amazing for a minute
exciting for an hour
a week if i was lucky
to have you stick around
you pushed me to my limit
and basically succeeded
cause forever i’ll believe that
the best i’ll be for now
is amazing for a minute

[verse 2]
this time i was dyin
to not fall in the game
i know him he is different
but then again everyone is
you made it seem like all i’m good for
is only just to please
but not once did it occur to me
i deserve much more than
you could ever give to me
honestly it’s selfish
feeling sorry for myself
but truthfully i’m past the point
of trying to overcome self doubt


and for that minute
there was no such thing as time
your soul was in it
there was more than just the night
where i existed
i invested all my time
just to witness the bitter side of life
and i felt beautiful
but you never called me beautiful
i existed for a night