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kate voegele – say anything كلمات اغاني


“say anything”

been here before
revolving door
we’re caught up and i don’t know what for

we had the best
and nothing less
but the second we fell out of step
you up and left

this is so you, this is what you do
you’d rather make do than make a move
what’ll it take now, how do i make
this matter enough to you?

say you’re a mess
say it’s a shame
why can’t you at least pretend?
say i should leave
you’re over me
say something, say anything
say anything

what happened to
the plans we made
and that contagious smile upon your face?
it’s all begun to fade

you used to be
so careful with me
making sure that we would always be
each others’ missing piece

well, we can still save
these tattered pages
what do you say we
start over baby?

this is our chance
and you’re all i have
don’t let me slip through your hands


you know i miss you, you know i wish you
missed me too, baby, tell me you do


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