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kanye west – the roc in here كلمات اغاني


the roc in here

get in… get in… oha… the roc in here
it’s your boy kanye to the… listen up man…

i get girls in my room like hostages
given me neck like ostriches
getten some play to real kanye
cause we all know who do you possies is

all my gangsters mob to this
and all my strippers do your job to this
h-ll no i can’t give you my cell phone
but you know where the hotel lobby is

for ya’ll the same girls wouldn’t give me no -ss
nahana haly[?] surp-ss my whole upper-cl-ss
better if i meet her now i can f-ck her fast
i p-ss… i be on some new sh-t

i wouldn’t f-ck none of the girls i went to school with
f-ck around i ain’t be on no cool sh-t
lay on see the models that me in my crew get on
see the fabolous duce i bought with the blueprint

she say: “whoa! kanye don’t get caught up in the high,
?ain’t no tell a neggle? left you after the night.”
we’ll lift the nice tonight pop bottles f-ck models
sear money to your broke my n-gg- live your life

cause i’m livin’ and actin’ on n-gg- american dream
and all my dogs livin’ by care sweet with me
so if i get here from dream that one for the team
f-ck 7-0-2 that one for the crew

my thought hip hop really low crowded[?]
so if i ever get the smash this f-ck’s for you
i can barely dry the g fight i came by
just like a brainshot they know it’s money in the side