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k s choice – along for the ride كلمات اغاني


“along for the ride”

i know i make you pick it up when you break it

i know you sometimes wish i’d let you be
if you ever wonder if i have the patience
to let you fall flat on your face and learn from your mistakes
i hope you know i’ll pick you up a thousand times if that’s what it will take

i’m along for the ride

you get lots of love and you’re not afraid to take it
you give lots of joy, you believe in who you are
when a good chance comes along, i hope you’ll take it
because right or wrong, you’ll never know how far you’d go
when you’re holding on to what you know
and if it’s just too far to walk alone

i’m along for the ride

you’re everything i could have ever hoped for
it’s wonderful and hard to watch you grow
a boy that still has everything to live for
never doubt your heart
it’s always in its place
never lose your song
and if you see a sign i might have left behind
do it right

and go along for a ride