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k michelle – medley كلمات اغاني



i’m looking good, i’m having fun, this is the best night of my life.
uh. i’m off at that patron, i need a ride home, boy, this could be the best night of your life.

it’s k. mich-lle on your motherf-cker radio,
somebody call and ask jive, what they waiting for?
f-f-f-ck it, it don’t matter, though.
’cause i’m still a star, i’m a shine even if they let it go.
but thank you for the t-tties and the teeth, though
i keep trying, trying to tell ’em i ain’t keyshia cole.
no disrespect, though, i’m in the club with my heels on,
watching black china swing by the pole.
king of diamonds, you can find me throwing money like a n-gg- do
you ain’t doing nothing i got liquor too.
i have finger, too, shout it to my haters, what you gonna do?
’cause i will take ya n-gg- to,
i’m from the hood, we’re feeling good, this is the best night of our life.

where’s lupe? i wanna have a fiasco.
lupe, do you mind if you have s-x?
lupe, i think your lasers alb-m is the best.
boy, we can watch tv with the sound off,
pour salt around the bed, keep the s-x demons out.
do you mind if a wear my reeboks? ’cause with these heels on i can’t make it drop.

i know this sh-t’s unusual, s-x with a mermaid in a pool
why you’re sitting there looking confused?
gotta set the monkey bars in my room
i can’t swing from them, or swing from you.
you think you’ll call me?

all i care about is money in this city where i’m from
i’m a sipp ’till i feel it, i don’t drink until it’s gone.
i don’t really give a f-ck and my excuse is that im grown
and i’m only getting bolder, somebody should have told you.
i’m on one, yeah, d-mn it, i’m on one.
how you ban me from the building, what the f-ck did i do wrong?
i’m just sitting watching tv and my video was on.
and on top of all that sh-t you tell me that my budget gone
if he ain’t got no hits why don’t you send his -ss home?
i’m on one, yeah, d-mn it, i’m on one.

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