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jimmie dale gilmore – my mind’s got a mind of its own كلمات اغاني


my mind’s got a mind of its own
it takes me out a walkin’ when i’d rather stay at home
takes me out to parties when i’d rather be alone
my mind’s got a mind of its own

i’ve been doing things i thought i’d never do
i’ve been getting into trouble without ever meaning to
i’d as soon settle down but i’m right back up again
i feel just like a leaf out in the wind.


i seem to forget half the things i start
i try to build a house and then i tear the place apart
i freeze myself on fire and then i burn myself on ice
i can’t count to one without thinking twice


i tell myself to do the things i should
and then i get to thinkin’ that them things ain’t any good.
i tell myself the truth but know i’m lying like a snake
you can’t walk on water at the bottom of a lake.