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jxdchive – f*cktyla كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh
pull up to the crib, she unbuckle my pants
these n_ggas gon’ hate cause they know i got bands
i’m tryna like, feature on her onlyfans
these n_ggas be begging like, “give me a chance”
okay lil’ n_gga, we shakin’ and bakin’
i got a new wh0re, yeah that b_tch is jamaican
these n_ggas is phony, these n_ggas is fakin’
i want me a spanish ho, like, puerto racan
f_ck! i meant puerto rico
want me a bad b_tch who look like, um, shego
i’m with my n_ggas we look like the migos
my ho give good head, that sloppy ass deepthroat
who’s that at the door, b_tch i shoot through the peephole
need me a b_tch who get nasty like rico
do a drive_by at a f_ckin’ home depot
tryna be juliet, b_tch i am not romeo

[verse 2]
oh yeah, f_ck tyler
why you would want underage girls i inquire
put you in a pack, throw it out it’s expired
yo muhf_ckin’ ex b_tch is catchin’ crossfire
she suckin’ all over my man’s d_ck, vampire
you not with the wolf pak, we too f_ckin’ dire
opium from head to the toe, you should hire_
me to rearrange your b_tch_ uh, like hotwire
b_tch you not a f_ckin’ man, you a liar
that b_tch finna ride d_ck like a rodeo
don’t n0body want your f_cking b_tch, calm down lil’ bro
if you didn’t hear it first time, you a f_ckin’ ho
i’ma have to put a glock 9 to your f_ckin’ throat
shoot the p_ssy n_gga in his spine, give him scolio’
just might have to f_ck you b_tch, then kick her out the door

nah i’m just playin’
i know you never wished you f_ckin’ switched
we gon’ pull up, pack you, put you in a ditch
yeah that’s what we do to a f_ckin’ snitch
we gon’ disappear, reappear, like a glitch
when i f_ckin’ see you trigger finger itch
i’ma have my n_gga come and state the sitch

[verse 3]
it’s bk and jay, n_gga tyler g_y
and his b_tch turned around when he looked away
ya b_tch [?]
bk and jay, h_ll yeah pop out with fire
smokin’ the za tower higher
skrt in the coupe and we burnin’ them tires (ha!)
n_gga you ugly as sh_t
ya b_tch wanna pull and l!ck on my d_ck (huh?)
only f_ck with a bad b_tch
like mark i’m invincible, don’t need a stitch
got me a glock and that sh_t got a switch
turn around then i f_ck up on your b_tch
[?] you know she want it
[?] on my tip (ha!)
tyler, your girl wanna take off my drawls
she want me l!ck it, like fill up her walls
[?] and i see the missed calls
13, not 14, yeah that’s my missed calls
wait hold… one’s from your b_tch
n_gga she ugly not it
[?] just sit
eat it like cereal, eat it like trix
[?] (ha)

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