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just let me go – my life isn’t on easy mode كلمات اغاني


hear me! please hear me out! i know you don’t want me to give up

i’m desperately trying to hold on but i’m losing grip come help me!

will you come save me!


i don’t want to deal with this on my own. i hear get over it or well “that’s life” way too often

believe me….. believe me when i tell you that i’ve had enough
tell me what you’re thinking? tell me everything! all the options that can possibly help i need support

i’m not sensitive i just don’t want to have thick skin all the god d_mn time but it’s conflicting cause if so i wouldn’t feel pain anymore

don’t expect me to just suck it up… every problem i’ll have. there’s no need to have a heart of stone

these days go on and on and the night seems

these nights seem to never end