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joseph mcfashion – dbc كلمات اغاني


[intro: joseph mcfashion & sk!lla baby]
doughboyz cashout
our priorities f_cked up, we still on some drug sh_t
(coach me, joey)
little twenty here, a little thirty there, huh
i wish i would’ve got some of that pandemic money (huh? huh?)
n_ggas don’t even know what they next meal gon’ be
we eat the most literally
what up, coach?
on the yeah side
on the rich side of things (huh?)
naw, for real (check the score)

[verse 1: sk!lla baby]
rich as f_ck in real life, all these b_tches real trifе (joey)
don’t brag about ten thousand, that’s real light
kit full of rеal ice, my sh_t look like real lights
if you wanna book me, twenty, that’s the real price
really can’t be f_cked with, that’s what i feel like (that’s what i feel like)
i like my b_tches ass fat, p_ssy real tight (huh?)
lil’ waist, bbl, that’s my real type (on the yeah side)
i live in a mini_mansion, my sh_t real nice
four hundred thousand for a kit just to sh_t on n_ggas
my young n_gga gettin’ fifty for a headtap (fah)
n_ggas keep sendin’ threats, we ain’t playin’ that (we ain’t playin’ that)
he say he up more than me, i can’t stand crack (can’t stand crack)
i think this n_gga drunk, coach, he need to stand back (huh?)
cut into a cold b_tch like, “where your man at?” (where your man at?)
i done played foreign all year, let’s play the ‘cat (huh?)
young n_gga, rich as f_ck, still savin’ racks
[verse 2: baby money]
ayy, two hundred racks, that’s real cash, this is not my real stash
i put my b_tch inside detention, this b_tch real bad
walk in my closet, swear to god it look like fifth ave (all drip)
i feel like nas countin’ a million, this sh_t illmatic
eight and a pint, tell that n_gga bring the seal back (i want it all)
i poured the first eight and i don’t even feel that (i ain’t high)
i draw plays for the team, b_tch, i’m phil jack’
two dead, but two still survived off a headtap (coach me, joey, what the f_ck?)

[interlude: joseph mcfashion]
i’m just tryna motivate these lil’ n_ggas
how many more chains i gotta buy around this b_tch?
how many more n_ggas i gotta get signed around this b_tch?
what the f_ck? (naw, for real, check the score)

[verse 3: baby money]
if they ain’t in the dirt, i bet they ass on bedrest (yeah)
f_ck the narcs, i been tryna duck the feds, jack (on my mama)
that vest bulletproof? boy, put it where your head at (huh)
los ain’t get popped, i know n_ggas, so stop sayin’ that

[verse 4: tay b]
my priorities f_cked up, i’m still buyin’ ice and sh_t (ask gary)
still’ll slap fives with you, still’ll hit your wife and sh_t (hah)
this a bust patek, i don’t know what a breitling is (nah)
i just like buying watches, i don’t care what time it is (give a f_ck)
had a bentley truck before i knew what a license is (hmm)
plugged with them eses, i don’t know what indictment is (naw, for real)
your homegirl don’t wanna f_ck? i don’t like the friend (that’s crazy)
if it ain’t a maybach, then i don’t like the benz
[verse 5: babytron]
work, hoes, cars, and murder
can’t forget about the scams, i get some mastercards and work ’em
sh_t, let’s start off with the work, i break a brick to grams and serve ’em
and the hoes, the nerve of ’em to think i’m really cashin’ birkin
all these cars, h_llcat, trx fully modded
you can’t get away with murder? that sound like a rookie problem
jefe walked in with a pint, i feel the monkey on my back
flyin’ through the trenches, windows down, the money on my lap
pop a p and break her back, you squeezin’ honey out the pack
in miami by the sand, sh_t, this ho sunny, catch a tan
boy, it’s 2023, you bummy with a hundred bands
so much commissary, have my f_ckin’ bunkie on the tab
sh_ttyboyz, dog$hitmilitia

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