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jontae – late valentines كلمات اغاني


i know that i love you
what he say?
but never seen the treat that was bakin’ up in his face
he never seen the person who takin’ love in his place
so i’m here to raise a hand
hoping maybe you come and stay
because i love you
what i say?
and ion’ mean it light
ain’t the type to just come and play
i’ma give you a meaning, the reason why i say
i’ma meet you back in heaven when coffins takin’ our place
because, love deeper in the water but
swimming out to florida tuff
i don’t give a f_ck i’m bout to take off on a chartеr bus
i gotta see my baby, put my kisses in a starter cup
then shе can see the n_gga that was k!lling just to talk to her
so gone
i promise i’m at home
remember every night when we caking up on the phone?
the possibility of you leaving was not a soul
like a demon i’m a deacon that’s preaching it through a song
but i forgot to tell you i was dead wrong
put it on my headstone
you can’t make a man but you can break him if his head wrong
my mental been detaching
it been aching like a headphone was banging in the music on the speaker saying, “let go”
so gone
i promise i’m alone
remember we would talk i would listen like you a song
i never got to sing so i’m writing it through a poem
here to tell you that i love you
i promise there nothing wrong
i really just been thinking bout your love like
is it really love like?
i can tell you love me but my senses standing up right
i never get the picture like connecting on the love sites
catfishing in my heart is gon’ be burning til the sunlight
so gone
it’s hard to be alone
cause when you find a person who mental making you strong
you never even notice that you be stuck in the song
like i’m toxic in the heart
but our love making me strong
i know that i love you
when i told you i ain’t stressin’ you
i ain’t mean to message you
should’ve called your brother so that b_tch will get the message too
i had a broken heart
and put the pieces on a pedestal
believing you would keep it like a vegan
eating vegetables
and save it for they home
but you ain’t give a f_ck you was baking it until it gone
i’m getting deja vu cause i’m making it through a song
should i tell you that i love you
or play it like nothings wrong?
i really just been thinking bout your love like
f_ck is you a drug wife?
only time we talk is when we walking on a drunk night
the conversation hitting
and the moon is like the sunlight
we sitting in the trenches
with some n_ggas having gun fights
it’s gone
the messages and poems
the face that made me happy in places that wasn’t wrong
you made emanc_p_ting
the hate that was in my soul
break the windows out my heart
when your ignorance on the road
but i’m still on the way to see your bed like
baby what yo head like?
bae, i might be dead cause i ain’t waiting at no red light
i’m facing consequences like i’m melly serving dead life
ambition for your arguments
in person get my head right
you wrong
cause i been throwing bones
but now i’m losing trust and the bigger person is gone
i love you like a truck
that been rushing into the road
i’m a drive it til it stop and the engine is on the floor
i know that i love you
what i said?
ion give a f_ck i’ma fight it until it’s dead
i wanna have a wedding
and then book it into a bed
cause we fighting til we married
but f_cking until we dead
i know that i love you
but where the door?
i’m finna go talk to the girl on the second floor
while you go try and call ever n_gga that’s in yo phone
but you better hang it up
when a n_gga go on the road
i know that i love you

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