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jonny farias – heart on my sleeve كلمات اغاني


[intro: marvin g-ye]
and keep you satisfied, oh baby oh baby
we could not bear the mental strain
leave you, i never meant to
now you see how much you hurt me
ooh, ooh

[verse: jonny farias]
this the type of thing i’m gon’ regret
this the type of thing i shouldn’t overthink
girl, i’m gon’ confess, though i know the risks
sentiments bottled up, i’m drunk in love, it’s hung over me
i can’t hold on to these feelings forever, boo
the best times of this chaos were spent with you
whenever you’d mention your old flame though, my heart was left in two
but those times were never about me, they were meant for you
uh, the beat knocking as i open up
her coconut-tint skin glowing, gosh, i’m so in love (i’m so in love)
gushing over her, but i ain’t forcing nothing
maybe i should let it go like the frozen number
or else i’ll bring problems i can’t deal with
i’ve got a bad feeling about this, i’m spineless
they say no man is an island
i’ll stay right beside ya as time slips, let’s make what’s left timeless
honesty’s the best policy
but time is never on our side, you see
if a picture’s worth a thousand words, how many can i paint for you?
unsubtle with my feelings, i can’t tame the truth
tickled pink at the sound of your name
tape my mouth shut until i let it out on the tape
but that won’t help me in the long run, in the long run
this a high, might be trippin’, yeah, i’m on one
when it comes to love, baby, i don’t play ’round
yeah, you make me feel amazing even when i’m way down
i meant every word i said and every word i say now
remember that as this marvin fades out

[outro: marvin g-ye]
leave you, i never meant to
now you see how much you hurt me
ooh, ooh