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jon b – do u miss me? كلمات اغاني


do u miss me?

i know u probably got somebody who
can come around to fill that need, i know
u got your own life and live it and u ain’t
got to answer to n-body, except yourself
and when you re chilin’, do u ever think
sad thoughts about me doing the same thing?
but love i need to ask u something
lady, can u tell me it don’t run deep girl?
the fellin’ u feel for me still?
do u ever want it?
i get so lonely, lady wish i could make love to u
tonight, kiss ya, caress ya, and hold u tight
do u miss me at all?
last time we talked, u sounded happy,
like something was new and exciting, well
asked me about what i been doing,
and i say that i been just writing, writing down
these feelings for u
there be nothing to write about if i thought u
weren’t still in love with me
torture myself wantin’ u baby, simple things
like laying, watching tv baby
like we used to do
u in your bed time t-shirt, sweats on, curly hair
i could smell all night long, soft as the due in
the morning, i remember being intoxicated by a love
i never did get enough, well, lady i sill love u
too much

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