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john ireland - an aside lyrics


these women all
both great and small
are wavering to and fro
now here, now there
now everywhere;
but i will not say so

so they love to range
their minds doth change
and make their friend their foe;
as lovers true
each day they choose new;
but i will not say so

they laugh, they smile
they do beguile
as dice that men doth throw
who useth them much
shall never be rich;
but i will not say so

some hot, some cold
there is no hold
but as the wind doth blow;
when all is done
they change like the moon;
but i will not say so
so thus one and other
taketh after their mother
as c_ck by kind doth crow
my song is ended
the best may be amended;
but i will not say so

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