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john a. salerno – fair weather friend farewell كلمات اغاني


shining again before my eyes
is the sun that washed away
on those stormy days, in the heavy rains
for your touch, in vain i’d pray
but you were nowhere when i was lonely and
i needed a friend to say. that you’d
be there for me__ and never turn away!

when the nights got cloudy
and morning fogged the sky grey_brown
only sleepless nights came easy in this friend_forsaken town
a lucky star brings the very same people
who kicked you when you were down
to sharе your hard_earned fortune and thе dream you found
i don’t know what i’ll say to her (him)
unless i write it down
i disappear like days that were in her (his) eyes so brown

but they were nowhere when i was hungry and needed a friend around
now they’re smiling at me

with all the hard times behind and the serious fighting over…
fair weather friend, farewell

counting the friends who were around when my dreams were forsaken…
fair weather friend, farewell
unreturned phone calls and promises made just for breaking…
fair weather friend, farewell
fair weather friend, i hope you fare well