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joe budden – dreamerz كلمات اغاني


(feat. emanny)

[verse 1: joe budden]
check it,
more questions, more answers
more ci smoke and more cancer
more arguing, more resistance
its seems like the closer we get, its more distance
more angles, a million different looks
was on the same page, just in different books
there’s so much i want to say but i got no ground
cause we ain’t break up, more like broke down
now that’s pain and torture
add that with restraining orders
then add the soul of my slain daughter
none of this is how we planned it to be
one big insanity plea
sh-t could never end amicably
i miss you trying
you probably think don’t think i try too
when you stubborn and prideful
not much is insightful
but god was trying to show me something
he ain’t think that i knew
sometimes sh-t that doesn’t breathe can die too

[hook: emanny]
were we just dreamerz?
waiting for our shot to shoot to the moon
were we just dreamerz?
spending our lives trying to see this thing through
waiting to fly away
waiting to fly away
waiting to fly away
waiting to fly away

[verse 2: joe budden]
how we go from thoughts of marriage
thoughts of me copping carrots
talks of what we’d name her while shopping for a carriage
but when the dream stopped, who knew you’d see me like a savage
that you dreamt of vacations, but only woke up with baggage
all you ever did was love me, and look at where it got you
and when you wanted more, all i did was say i’m not you
i’m selfish not selfless, and i say that with love
so in essence you’re asking for what i’m incapable of
so now i find i’m going over choices i ain’t even made yet
were we clouded by good times of great s-x?
running fast towards an unknown fate
that altered when i introduced you to my unknown traits
in your dreams, seems you had me pegged as another man
but in mine, only you would understand
in our minds we were perfect
we witnessed our dream get murdered
now reality is on trial and we both awaiting the verdict

[bridge 1: joe budden]
but you’ll always be close to me
though you said this ain’t how it’s supposed to be
what we had was so real
but you said i don’t care
never thought this day would come
you said you gave your all and was left with none
but we can both be spared
but you don’t think that’s fair, that’s fair


[verse 3: joe budden]
you can’t see how you ever began to like a liar
you lost track of all the little things that i admired
but when the peace left, i knew we might retire
thinking man, i live upstairs, i’m something like somaya
got memories, but at what point are they lost
you say we could work through it, at what point is it forced?
we shoulda never rushed
cause it’s like now we at a point where you won’t never trust
and for me i can’t believe that’s all we ever was
the high’s gone, need a better buzz
cause we sleep in the same bed, but we never touch
my solution to every beef is to revisit
though we’ll have the same emotions we won’t be so livid
won’t be so vivid
i think your girl secretly applauded our drama
we don’t need those critics
we owe it to go over our foundation with a keen eye
sad part to say you never have the same dream twice

[bridge 2: emanny]
we let love and all its possibility
take us from reality
made it hard to see that
we were bound together
just to cover up the pain
i’m wishing the skies were rain
and wipe all my thoughts away
cause i’m tired of dreaming

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