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jmcee – out hell كلمات اغاني


i’m back out of h_ll, did you miss me you pr_cks?
all this sh_t on this site, make me do magic tricks
like i’m making y’all vanish, hide you under a blanket
or i blow you up easy, like what saddam said

speaking of blow, you d_ck suckers ain’t seen this comin’
i got opps everywhere so of course i’m running
but you’d be wrong if you called me a b_tch
i’ll take all your product, make myself rich

sorry, that was wheezy talking, i talk to him every day
all mistakes allow for compromise of those in my way
i stay on point , at least for a while, but i’m starting to crack
i know there’s a couple in my circle who gonna turn their back
i’m in a war with myself, so i’m my only rival
kieran and sammy long dead, there is no revival
it’s just me standing here, on my concrete throne
i got no musical friends, i’m sat here alone

but that’s a_o_k, i’ll stay firm like an oak
all you oldies in the game like some oap
i’ve dissed everyone i can think of, not a lot of people left
when i quit the game on holiday, i made them all stress

they be thinking “oh sh_t, i’ve f_cked up this time
cos he ain’t even using a pen to write these rhymes.”
i’m using no luck or god, just pure hard sk!ll
like a lead pencil from the 80’s, slowly i’ll k!ll

i got connections with wheezy, may he live forever
in his haters heads, i be pulling the lever
on their future success, they’ll not live to 30
cos i’ll break their t__th, leave their skulls done in dirty

but i’m not a k!ller because i don’t hurt for fun
i’m precise when aiming like i got a gun
i know i can’t stand to most of you opps
so i’ll kick you down to my level cos your level done flops

you went from successful to dead in a single night
rick making me money and i ain’t even polite
i quit streaming, i was bored, guess i paid the price
but now i’m happy and all well; necessary sacrifice
i’ll never be the same again, now i’m out of the loop
my og’s blank me, like i don’t fit in a group
he lied, led to me never trusting again
we cool now, but to him i put the blame

i won’t name no names here, but you know who you are
i checked old messages, you really crossed the bar
i get it was some years ago, so mistake me if i’m wrong
but you told me to die, so i’ll say “fu” in this song

now let’s move on to my most favourite part
where i diss all you c_nts straight from the heart
i’m talking miller and ashton, no statement required
like donald or sugar, you’ve been fired

kieran in a grave, he lived in egotistical storm
over after a week, no funeral so n0body mourn
over this hot headed fool , a simple copy that’s all
i’m glad i was there to diss you way before your fall

outlasted all you c_nts, james behan is next
diss me again in media and i’ll have you vexxed
and finally to alex, you aren’t that guy
that’s all i have to say about that, goodbye