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jimmy ruffin - that's you girl lyrics


that’s you, girl (you, girl)
i know that’s you, girl (you, girl)

[verse 1]
that’s you, darlin’
standing there
you still haven’t changed
you look the same
so young
refreshing and shy
that’s the reason you caught my eye

i said, ooh
that’s you, girl
(you, girl)
i said, oh (oh, oh, oh)
i know that’s you, girl (that’s you, girl)
(you, girl)

[verse 2]
my, it’s so nice
to see you again
it’s like a page from a past
like a breath of spring
seems like yesterday
that you went away
but since that day you left
no one’s compared with you yet
i said, oh
oh, i’m so glad to see you, darlin’ (so glad to see you)
oh, yes i am (yeah, yeah)

i remember so well
your little bow legs
i could tell you’re coming
ooh, i see you coming from a block away
as you get closer
you give a smile
and then your lips would touch me
and oh, i tingle inside
i won’t hold you long, darling
’cause i know you’ve got to go
any place i see you
i’m gonna walk right up to you
and i’m gonna say

oh (ooh, ooh)
oh, baby
ooh, that’s you, girl
(yeah, yeah)
oh, baby
i gotta say
oh (ooh, ooh)
oh, oh
i know that’s you, girl
oh, yes (yeah, yeah)
see you comin’ (oh, oh, oh, oh)
oh, with your pretty smile
(so glad to see you)
i remember how it made me
(that’s you, girl)
made me tingle inside

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