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jill barber – joint account كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
what do we mean when we say “i do”?
who really knows what they’re signing on to?
maybe it’s faith in somethin’ bigger than you

[verse 2]
what does it mean for a love to be true?
pinning your heart onto somebody new
you cash all your wishes and hope they come through

we opened a joint account
with all the pennies we saved
sure, we’ve seen our rainy days
marched on in our own parade
danced along as the band played
our favourite song
[verse 3]
waking up tired and workin’ all day
wishing that we had some more time to play
as we sleep each night in the bed that we made

we opened a joint account
with all the love that we made
the bills will always get paid
good plans are always best laid
as we hang in the balance of fate
we put in the same amount
the balance goes up and down
over the years we have found
everything comes back around
we may not know where we’re bound
but we’ll get there someday

if fire or flood were to take it all back
and all our belongings are gone in a flash, what then?
with our pockets emptied and starting from scratch
i want you to know i’d do it all over again
and again

we opened a joint account
we opened a joint account