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jewel – supermarket song كلمات اغاني


“supermarket song”

i wanna say welcome to a wonderland
an amus-m-nt park full of delights and
the best part is they have one in every town
its your local market where you ride a cart around

they have stacks of candy in every isle
and every kind of cereal that goes on for miles
flour and milk that can be made
into brown gravy for supper sunday

they got 50 pound bags of chicken nuggets
they got yummy yogurt by the bucket.
shelves and shelves of home made stuffin’
oh what a treat

that’s what i love about the grocery store
they have everything that you could want and so much more
its so hard to keep my hands inside the cart
but i better try or mom won’t bring me back no more

they got sweet and sour stir fried rice
they got alaskan salmon sitting on ice
they got blue corn chips and bagel bites
coconut in a can

and if your from the south you’ll be really pleased
they have black eyed peas and collared greens
and if you’re from the north there’s stuff just for you
like king crab legs and eskimo pie, too

they have lots of veggies so you’ll grow up tall
beef and chicken so you’ll be strong and all
the dairy to help build unbreakable bones
hey, ice cream counts, at least i think so

they have chocolate chip cookies and pecan snookies
and pop corn snacks where its says on the back
you get a toy surprise like x-ray gl-sses for your eyes
there’s croissant rolls, jelly rolls, soda fountains overflow
if i don’t get my snow cone my head will explode

they got barbecue chicken with all the fixings
sweet b-ttermilk for b-ttermilk biscuits
brownies in a box, just water and mix em’
oh oh, ummm ummm good

[chorus +]
yes, its so hard to keep my hands inside the cart
but i better try or mom won’t bring me back no more

this is the last thing i’ll ever ask for in my entire life
its just 99 cents…