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jewel – count on me كلمات اغاني


my dog’s name is george
we like to sit and stare on the front porch
george is my best friend
and i always will love him

there the sun sits up in the sky
and the boy in the moon comes out each night
they hardly ever see one another
but they always will need each other

that’s how the world goes
everyone needs someone
someone to love ’em
someone to hold
when life seems a lonesome mystery
i’ll count on you
and you can count on me

there’s a lone tree in the square
and a small bird that takes shelter there
the bird sings along to the swaying of it’s leaves
as they keep each other company


the world is full of possibilities
as many as there are fishes in the sea
there’s as much love as there are stars in the sky
as many answers as there are why’s


if you ever feel lost now
don’t you worry
i’ll count on you
and you can count on me