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jersey demic – karma كلمات اغاني


im out to get my money up in new ways
invest in cripto currency the new wave
said u grindin u ain’t work in two days
understand that karma sh-t go two ways

raise your price up, they gon talk about it
get ya money up, they gon talk about it
when u so successful they make laws around it
pull in the phantom let em talk about it
let em hate
let em hate
even if u stay true
they gon hate you
they can’t take u down
if they ain’t make u

feedin animals thats ready to attack me
ima chase the bread like they threw it at me
but they won’t throw it at u thats a true confession
u gotta get it thats an interception

smashin goals the only way i fight depression
just know im bout my paper thats the right impression

i can’t even talk about this anymore
success includes some work that u ain’t ready for
so opinionated i got many more
like is the bible literal or is it just a metaphor