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jenn carter – everybody shot (feat. mo kartii, jerry west & kyle richh) كلمات اغاني


glah, glah, glah
glah, like what? like what? b_tch, glah, glah, glah
like what? like what? b_tch, glah, glah, glah
yo yp
let ′em know it’s carter, d_ckhead

said it′s k with the k, no flocka
spot ’em, we got ’em 1 shot ima flock em (glah, glah, glah)
too deep, i′ma empty the what?
he tried to run, caught the shots to the b_tt (glah)
red beam when i turn him to runtz
if he jackin′ this k put a hole in his gut
better duck when i reload the chopper
hang out the v, like dump that knocker
better run if you run into me (like what? like what?)
and double trunk he get trunked with the roster
spin through, cl!ck ’til it′s empty
b_tch, i’m on court, n_ggas know not to bench me (like what?)
n_ggas see me they switch up they energy (like, d_mn)
like what, she a thot out the hennessy
i do the most, every trip they remember me
run down, put the beam on his shh
no remorse when i bend through their strip
totties get shot, don′t get flocked with your b_tch (treesha)
oh, she a thot? she on top of my d_ck (like what?)
he tried to creep, caught the shots at his rib, what?
sh_t_sh_t, i know a n_gga that act like he talk
but he fled (he what?)
and these n_ggas not smokin’ my dead (like what?)
ma_man got dropped, he was yellin′ “my head”

call me crazy, i’m throwin’ the rock (gang, gang, gang)
f_ck everybody, it′s everyone shot
st_rdy aim ′cause i shoot like a cop
b_tch on my body, she totin’ the knocks
call me fedex, i beat up the box
move like a baddie, she tickin′ on top
she a dancer, she tickin’ the top
like, i be geekin′ and not can i stop
like on the block, i send forty_one shots
we be geekin’ we do it for fun and if she is a demon, i pass her gun
like he a shooter only in my blunt
and if i am with carter we bend through
if he 41k, he get sent to the sun
′cause of what? f_ck up his mental
talkin’ my sh_t and know i am not dumb
said you n_ggas is scary, that boy on my d_ck
wearin’ fake amiri′s, i′m totin’ the grip and singin′ like it’s carey
like, big ebk got me feelin′ like check
all the thotties be deady on deady, they all on my body
won’t party with jenny
and the party, i′m ready to tweak
and i’m ready to geek, so this sh_t can get heavy, gang

n_ggas like “where’s mo kartii” (like)
well kartii is here
b_tch i don′t stop, but i ain′t goin’ nowhere
these n_ggas be dumb, they ain′t puttin’ in fear
totin′ on knocks, swear i don’t care (i don′t care)
twenty_four shots to the air
tell ’em to give ’em the drop
but, if they keep missin′, we lettin′ it flare (glah, glah, glah)
but now he just tested his luck, like
now it’s just up and it′s stuck, what?
everything boomed better duck
you big or you small man, i don’t give a f_ck, like
you ain′t a shooter, you suck, fu_f_ck it
now we gon’ bend both ways, fu_f_ck it
now we gon′ shoot both ways
gi_give him a reason to look both ways
i’m runnin’ from who? (who?)
n_gga, suck my d_ck
c_cked me a beam when i shoot with that bl!ck
i did me a heart and i′m pleadin′ the fitfh
all ya’ n_ggas be cap, bit′
when i step on the field, we actin’
they ain′t steppin’ for real, they cappin′
and it’s kartii, lil’ b_tch, who askin′?

i′m smokin’ that boy in a blunt
don′t need n0body, but me and my gun
smokin’ dotty, he turned into runtz
when i spin out, we load through out
ba_back door, you can get in a blunt
shoot like a giannis, let′s keep it a buck
droppin’ two fingers, i don′t give a f_ck
gbg when i shoot, better duck
sippin’ on muddy, it’s green in my cup
how you a demon but talk to the cops?
that′s your b_tch? she settin′ the drop
you don’t know me for real, i′m on hots
if you run then my knocker gon’ dump
yo_your′re dead and that spliff in my punch
talk on 4_1 and that boy in a blunt
kr gon’ spot him, that n_gga gon′ run